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Dan Leuck, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Leuck

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Leuck has previously served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Tokyo-based ValueCommerce, Asia's largest online marketing company, Global Head of Development for London-based LastMinute.com, Europe's largest B2C website, and President of the US division of DML. Daniel has experience managing teams of 150+ developers in five countries. He has served on advisory boards and panels for companies such as Macromedia and Sun Microsystems. Daniel is a contributor to BeanShell, the project lead for SDL, and sits on the expert groups standardizing Java 6, Scientific Units in Java, Java Modules, and the Swing Application Framework. In 2013 Dan coauthored O'Reilly's Learning Java, 4th Edition with Ikayzo CTO Pat Niemeyer. 

Twitter: @dleuck
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Favorite lemur: Silky Sifaka

Pat Niemeyer, Chief Technology Officer

Pat Niemeyer

Chief Technology Officer

Pat Niemeyer is the author of the bestselling books Exploring Java and Learning Java. In addition to writing two series of Java books published by industry leader O’Reilly, he is an active member of the Java community process, which helps to define the future of the Java platform. Pat is currently involved in JCP topics ranging from language features to content repository standardization. Pat is the creator of BeanShell - a popular Java scripting language used in products from IBM, Sun and BEA and a contributor to many other high profile open source projects such as Struts/Webwork and JBoss. Pat has thirteen years experience in developing enterprise architecture and applications for the financial industry including some of the largest organizations in the world.

Twitter: @patniemeyer
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Favorite lemur: Pygmy Mouse Lemur

Mika Terada, Chief Operations Officer

Mika Terada

Chief Operations Officer & Systems Engineer

Mika Terada has spent the past 16 years managing web applications and other IT projects as well as doing hands-on infrastructure work for high volume web systems, intranets and extranets. As a project manager she handles Japanese and English-speaking customers in Tokyo, Honolulu and New York. Mika has worked for most of Japan's largest ISPs as well as some of Hawaii’s top companies (multiple JTB projects, Shirokiya real estate spin-out SRE Matrix, etc.) Her previous projects include infrastructure work for one of the highest traffic celebrity websites in Japan, content management solutions for WorldCom and Fidelity Securities, and implementation of Starbuck's Japanese card system. Mika handles New York customers such as award winning fashion designer Amanda Pearl and leading fixed income hedge fund Cello Capital. Early in her career she worked at backup specialist BakBone assisting resellers with implementation of backup systems for high volume databases and file systems.

Twitter: @mikanoco
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Favorite lemur: Verreaux's Sifaka

Joseph Lui, Vice President of Engineering

Joseph Lui

Chief Information Officer

Joseph wrote his first computer program in the 2nd grade with Apple Logo and eventually made a career out of software engineering. He has been doing web application development professionally for over 15 years, and led the design and development of multi-million dollar projects in both enterprise and Internet startup environments. Projects involved various industries including tourism, shipping, defense, healthcare, government, education, and consumer applications with some winning industry awards or garnering published accolade. He also has experience managing offshore teams in Asia and Canada. His true passion is working with great people on high-mileage projects, solving complex problems with simple, effective, and pragmatic solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii as a Regents Scholar, and a joint graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science and Tepper School of Business.

Favorite lemur:
Any from the Archaeolemuridae family

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Miron Roth, Senior Enterprise Software Architect

Miron Roth

Senior Enterprise Software Architect

Miron Roth has 16 years of experience working as a senior enterprise architect for some of the world's largest and most respected companies including IBM, Banc of America Securities, GNX and Travelocity. His strong technological and analytical skills result in quick transformation of business requirements into solutions. A solid track record is backed by award-winning projects, industry certifications and two masters degrees. As Technical Architect, Team Lead and Senior Developer Miron has delivered solutions for Global Fortune 500 clients in Finance, Media, Supply Chain and Government. Miron has international experience on-site as well as with outsourcing to North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Favorite lemur: Indri

Hajime Sasaki, Senior Software Architect

Hajime Sasaki

Senior Software Architect

Hajime Sasaki has had a lifelong love for software programming going back to the first program he wrote when he was eight years old. After receiving a graduate degree in Mathematics from Keio University, he went to work in the satellite communications industry. He soon realized writing web applications was his passion, and went to work for Yayoi, KK, one of the largest packaged software companies in Japan. At Yayoi he integrated a previously manually maintained fulfillment and inventory management system with their customer facing website, saving the company a considerable amount on monthly operating costs. Sasaki has built web applications for numerous large Japanese firms such as My Navi, which he developed in its entirety from scratch.

Favorite lemur: Ring-tailed Lemur

Douglas Ching, Software Architect

Douglas Ching

Senior Software Architect

Douglas has worked as a system analyst, project manager, QA engineer and software architect for the past 15 years in industries ranging from healthcare and online marketing to entertainment and e-commerce. He has lead development teams working on projects including an enterprise customer management system, a multimedia English / Chinese search engine and numerous large web applications. Douglas has expertise in numerous .NET technologies including WCF, WPF, Silverlight, BizTalk, SQLServer, IIS and Sharepoint. He is also proficient in Java, Python, C, C++ and Ruby. In his spare time Douglas writes mobile apps for Android and Windows Phone.

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Favorite lemur: Golden-Brown Mouse Lemur

David Chung

Computer Systems Analyst

David has 8 years of software development experience in various programming languages as well as working with customers to define, plan and ultimately see software projects through to success. His true passion in software development is to identify the heart of a project's problem and come up with an effective solution to obliterate the problem. David graduated with Honors from the University of Waterloo, a prestigious university well-known for their computer science program.

Favorite lemur: Aye-aye

Chris Foo

Senior Software Engineer

Chris Foo commands a wide breadth of experience from low-level C programming to high-level web frameworks such as Ruby-on-Rails and Microsoft .Net. He has applied his programming skill sets, analytical and critical thinking abilities to deliver practical solutions in high finance, data analytics, natural language processing and renewable energy. He holds a MS in Computer Science and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Regents Scholarship award.

Favorite lemur: Indri

Scott Valentine

Scott Valentine

Senior Computer Engineer

Scott possesses training and experience in the areas of software, hardware and electrical engineering previously working for organizations such as Hewlett Packard and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. His capabilities are truly "full-stack", ranging from embedded systems development, database development and web development. His strong desire to exceed expectations, and a "no-fear, can-do" attitude even under the most demanding of environments has garnered him numerous professional awards, such as the Commander's Award for Civilian Service, Superior Civilian Service Award, and Achievement Medal for Civilian Service while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom as a computer engineer.

Favorite lemur: Fork-marked lemur

Artem Chernyak

Artem Chernyak

Senior Software Engineer

Artem serves as a keystone member of our newly established St. Louis, Missouri office. Coming to us as a Prototype Software Engineer for a Fortune 500 company, his unique experience allowed him to apply cutting edge IT in a large enterprise environment, extracting value from disruptive technologies yet being careful to do so in a mission-critical setting. His background spans both computer programming and business analysis, holding a B.S. in Information Systems & Technology as well as a Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning. This powerful blend of training provides the background necessary to most effectively implement technology with maximal business impact. Artem also enjoys functional programming and frequently presents his knowledge at coding meetups.

Twitter: @__acher__
Favorite lemur: Aye-aye

Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean

Software Engineer

Brandon hails from Booz Allen Hamilton working on Java programming before doing Android development at IBM, where he co-authored four patent submissions on behalf of the company. He enjoys both web application and native mobile development. Brandon holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics from Virginia Tech on a Computer Science Academic Scholarship. He has also lived and studied in Hong Kong.

Favorite lemur-like animal: Tarsier (note: recently reclassified as a haplorrhine)

Timo O’Hara

Timo O’Hara

Senior Software Engineer

Timo commands two decades of software engineering experience across various settings around the country. This journey spanned organizations such as Intuit and LinkedIn, where technology was an integral part of their core competency. It also stretched across industries from Defense, Fintech and Consumer Marketing. His only constant? High performance and repeated success. Timo holds multiple industry awards including AGEA Chairman’s Award for Excellence for software development and Intuit Technology “Best in Track” Long-Term Trends for software architecture. His specialties are in middle tier programming logic and integration, and large backend data systems. In his free time, Timo has his hands full raising 3 kids and running a youth basketball organization dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on its players’ lives.

Favorite lemur: Aye-aye

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Mark Guillermo, Creative Director

Mark Guillermo

Creative Director

Born and raised in Hawaii, lover of all things internet and hater of long-winded bios. Starting from lowly beginnings as an xacto-scarred intern, Mark found an early passion for elevating a brand's presence in a digital space. He has been a part of Hawaii's design industry for the past ten years and joins Ikayzo as creative director. With interests in both front-end development and visual design, Mark is a huge proponent in creating human-centered interactive experiences.

In his free time, you can find him experimenting with new-fangled cooking gadgetry, traveling, and figuring out what his next instagram post should be captioned.

Twitter: @markysparky
Favorite lemur: Eastern Lesser Brown Lemur

Scott Yano, Head of Creative Technology

Scott Yano

Director of Creative Technology

Scott has over a decade of experience developing front-end experiences and digital marketing sites / applications for some of the world's top brands. At Google he served as a technical lead within their Brand Studio where he led front-end development for product websites and digital marketing initiatives. He was a development lead for the AdWords product homepage and contributed to global sites for Glass, Chrome and Nexus as well as launches for Google Japan’s Search campaigns and India’s hwgo.com.

Prior to working for Google, Scott crafted interactive experiences for a wide array of industry leaders such as Sony, Wells Fargo and Nomura Securities. He is an Ikayzo, KK employee living in Japan. Scott spends his free time snowboarding and making digital art in WebGL and JavaScript.

Favorite lemur: Diademed Sifaka

Kathleen Uno, Senior Illustrator

Kathleen Uno

Senior Designer, Illustration

Kat has spent the past decade honing her skills as an illustrator working on everything from corporate identity to character design for digital and print media. Currently she leads Ikayzo's Finance Icon Set and Tropisign brand product efforts as well as working on customer projects. Kat has done project work for HMSA, Discovery Girls Magazine, True-Learning and Hawaii Ai Magazine. She was the Creative Director for True-Learning's suite of educational materials where she designed and illustrated all of their visual content. Kat also recently completed over 3 years as a contractor for NOAA Fisheries Pacific Island Regional Office as a Graphic Artist/Web Specialist. During the NOAA engagement she specialized in designing informational materials for print and digital formats as well as maintaining the region's website. Although Kat specializes in digital vector illustrations, she enjoys drawing and painting in traditional media. She hopes to instill the same passion for art in her own children. Kat received her Bachelor's of Art degree from the University of Hawaii.

Favorite lemur: Ring-tailed Lemur

Nainoa Shizuru, Designer

Nainoa Shizuru


Nainoa Shizuru is a user-interface designer with emphasis on photography and minimalism. His personal website design has received recognition on HTML Inspiration, CSS Design Awards, and CSS Winner, as well as receiving an AIGA 5-0 award.

At Ikayzo Nainoa has spearheaded web projects for Hawaii Business Magazine (complete content and design reboot), Contix (new site design), the DesignHui social network for creative professionals, and energy startup Ibis Networks. In his free time, Nainoa enjoys surfing, bird-watching, taking scenic pictures, and playing drums at his church.

Favorite lemur: Southern Woolly Lemur

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* For this field we allow any prosimian, even if its not technically a lemur.
* Ikayzo supports the Duke Lemur Center's conservation efforts in Madagascar.